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ULI Hair Care Products

ULI Hair Care Products

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Product Description

Do we carry ULI Hair Care Products? Yes, we do! We are a licensed full-line ULI distributor. We carry: ULI Sensitive Scalp Relaxer 24 Re-touches and 12 Re-touches, ULI Regular Relaxer 4lb, ULI Voishi Relaxer Kit, ULI Normalizing Shampoo, ULI Conditioning Shampoo, ULI Dandruff Shampoo, ULI Leave-On Conditioner, ULI Deep Protein Conditioner, ULI Moisture Therapy, ULI Moisture Seal, ULI Hair Luster and Moisturizer, ULI 3-d Glosser, ULI Nature's Oil Complex, ULI Scalp Oil, ULI Curling Pressing Wax, ULI Soft Hold and Shine Spritz, ULI Firm Hold Shine Spritz, ULI Firm Foam Wrap Wet Set, ULI Foam Wrap Wet Set, ULI Anti-Itch Scalp, ULI Curl Activator and Moisturizer, ULI Moisture Rich Lotion, ULI Bath Gel